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Effluent pipes and fittings are made from polypropylene with mineral content, which grants them the ability to reduce noise intensity. The products conform to the CSN EN 1451-1 standard. All domains of civil engineering (family homes, apartment buildings, industrial, culture and sports structures, hospitals, hotels, etc.) that require silent operation.
Skolan SAFE dB
  • 100% recyclable
  • Noise 20dB
  • Durability to 90°C


The unique system of silent effluent pipes and fittings of Skolan SAFE dB is a quality product from polypropylene with a high content of mineral filler. This gives the Skolan SAFE dB effluent pipes and fittings excellent mechanic and acoustic properties, which significantly reduce the level of noise released from within the pipe into surrounding areas.


The unique system of silent effluent pipes and fittings of Skolan SAFE dB is endowed with an ability to reduce noise effectively right in the place where it occurs - inside the pipe; it can also prevent noise from diffusion in the pipe wall. This is possible due to the special molecular structure and high density of the material the composition of which has been patented. The polymer contains a mineral filler of high molecular weight and it has been subject to a number of tests, which have confirmed that the Skolan SAFE dB sewage system is capable of reducing noise.


As the quiet Skolan SAFE dB pipes and fittings introduce thick walls, they may reduce the noise to levels near the human hearing threshold. The noise levels that have been evidenced during the tests have been much lower than the requirement of the DIN 4109 - the standard that sets the noise conditions in areas that are to be protected from noise. The registered value of 21 dB(A) was even lower than the 25 dB(A) requirement of the stricter German standard VDI 4100. Our many years of production experience have confirmed what civil engineers had assumed: that only a thick wall and optimum material density are capable of effective noise reduction.


Skolan SAFE dB thick-wall pipes and fittings introduce a durable and robust design. The items are supplied in dimensions ranging from DN 50 to 160 with a thick wall and they are made from a material with a specific weight of 1.6 g per cu. cm. The high-quality material, surface treatment and quality package guarantee that Skolan SAFE dB meets even the extreme specifications of the most demanding of our customers.

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Laboratory tests at the production plant and constant quality assurance throughout the production process serve as the guarantee of high and enduring quality. All management and manufacturing processes are subject to TQM and they meet the specifications of the EN ISO 9001 standard.


Thanks to its unique properties, Skolan SAFE dB delivers maximum conformance to stringent ecology and economy criteria of noise prevention. Whenever used in new buildings or in redevelopment, it undoubtedly enhances the standards of living, delivering higher value to the property.

Maximal operating temperatures of pipes, adapting pipes and sealing

constant short-term
90°C 100°C

Sealing Area of application- temperatures
SBR (at the producer /within the range of Work) cca. -50°C up to +100°C
EPDM cca. -50°C up to +150°C
NBR (can be ordered separately) cca. -30°C up to +100°C

SBR Improved abrasion resistance and age resistance, good resistance against operating liquids
EPDM Excellent fastness to abrasion, ageing and fastness to most of operating liquids
NBR Versatile material. Sealing for contact with mineral oil or fuels. Poor resistance against ozone and weather resistance
Skolan SAFE dB (DN 56 - DN 200) according to the standard DIN 4102 - B2 a according to the construction supervision certificate Z-42.1-217

We can recommend KG 2000 Polypropylene®, or HT-System (PP) ® with sealing rings made of NBR as the case may be.

Skolan SAFE dB DIN 4102, B 2

The sealing of systems BL, DD and Euro L Spezial are resistant against water with maximal volume of chlorine 0.6 mg/l.

See the Test record of MPA Darmstadt „K 05 1497" of 11th November 2005 (the pipes DN 50 were tested).

No, it cannot. 
Among other things, this provision serves for elimination of the backwater formation and formation of retained amount inside the system.

These details can be found in the assembly instructions of HT-System (PP)® - Article 5 and assembly instructions of Skolan SAFE dB – Article 7.

It is necessary to install a felt bag (or other materials commonly available in the network of shops) onto the Skolan SAFE dB pipe placed (the pipe for rain water). In case of the rain water piping only the upper floors are mostly insulated in practice. Basically, the Skolan dB pipe has a high coefficient of insulation. Formation of the condensing water from dew formation does not occur at the plastic pipes with reinforced wall compared to conventional cast-iron or steel pipes. For that reason the above-described insulation is sufficient.

The pipes with slide-in sleeves / couplings are usually placed in such manner that the sharp end is in direction of flowing. The sharp end is sliding into the sleeve / coupling.

The quote from Manual of plastic pipes (4th issue, paragraph 3.4.4 Construction of the sewage water channels and piping, page 463)

Thus the piping placement in direction of flowing is clearly defined.

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